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The difference for 2 pins and 3pins rocker switch/boat switch

The rocker switch is also called the Boat switch. Its wiring pins have 2pins/3pins/4pins/6pins/9pins etc. The following will show you the difference between the rocker switch of two pins and the three pins:
     1. Two pins rocker switch(Boat switch)
     The rocker switch is the same as a general switch, which functions to open and close the circuit. It is never allowed to connect his two terminals to the positive pole and the negative pole, otherwise it will short-circuit.
     The correct connection method is that the positive pole of the power supply can enter any terminal of the rocker switch, and then its other terminal will lead to the load and then return to the negative pole of the power supply.
     2. Three pins rocker switch(Boat switch)
     The three pins should not have indicator lights, but with normally open and normally closed points. Generally, the middle is the common point, and the two sides are normally open or normally closed (switches in different positions)
     When making a change-over switch, the middle one is a moving contact, and the two sides are fixed contacts; when making a single switch, you can only connect the middle post and any one of the sides.

Instantiate of a rocker switch


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