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Overview of Tact Switch

The tact switch is also called the key switch or push button switch. It first appeared in Japan [called: sensitive switch] when it was used to meet the operating force conditions to apply pressure to the switch operation direction.  When the pressure is removed, the switch is open. Its internal structure relies on the force change of the metal shrapnel to achieve on-off.
The tact switch is composed of: insert, base, shrapnel, button, and cover. The waterproof tact switch adds a polyimide film on the shrapnel
Tact switches have the advantages of small contact resistance, precise operating force errors, and diversified specifications. They are widely used in electronic equipment and white goods, such as audio-visual products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, and household appliances. Electrical appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, currency detector pens, laser pen buttons, etc. Because of the environmental conditions of the light touch switch (the pressure is less than 2 times the elasticity/environmental temperature and humidity conditions and electrical performance), large equipment and high-load buttons are directly replaced by conductive rubber or metal shrapnel of the pot switch, such as medical equipment, TV remote control, etc.
Regarding the pin position of the five-pin touch switch: the two pins are a group, when the switch body is correctly pressed, the four pins are connected, and the fifth pin is grounded.
The tact switch is the fourth-generation switch product developed with the requirements of the development of electronic technology. The earliest volume is 12mmx12mm, 8mm and 8mm, and now 6mm is less than 6om. The product structure has three types: vertical, horizontal and horizontal with ground. Now there are two types of combination (3M, 4M, SM, 6M, SM) and potentiometer touch switch combination, which can meet the requirements of various domestic electronic products. . There are three installation sizes: 6.smm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 4mm, and 6mm, 4mm. There are 4.5mm and 4.5mm small tact switches and chip type tact switches in foreign countries, and the chip type tact switches are suitable for surface assembly. The use of conductive rubber switches is also very popular.


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