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Safety comparison between rocker switch and push button switch

Many people may not know the difference between a large rocker switch and a small button switch, but simply think it is a appearance problem, but it is not always true. There is a big safety difference between them:
    1. Breaking range. Due to the torque problem, the small button has the same pressing range as the large ship type, and the large ship type switch can give the movable parts a greater breaking range. If the small button switch is to achieve a similar breaking amplitude, the internal spring will have a higher torsion than that of a large ship, which is more prone to problems. It is often seen that the small button switch is stuck, largely because the internal spring has passed the service life.
    2. The number of wiring is limited. Because small buttons take up less space on the panel, many brands of small buttons provide switch specifications of more than 4 positions, even up to 6 positions. The back of the corresponding switch will be connected to a lot of wires (if it is a 6-position dual-control switch, the back will be connected to 12 wires). Too many wires fill the cassette, on the one hand, heat dissipation becomes a big problem, on the other hand, the wires are easy to trip, causing accidents such as open circuit, short circuit, and leakage. Large ship-type switches generally have less than 4 digits, and brand-name products often have only three digits at most, which also limits the number of wiring at the rear to ensure sufficient space in the cassette.
    3. Reduce the risk of leakage during use. Small button switches are generally only the size of a finger. If the user's hand is in a wet state (such as in the bathroom), the finger is in full contact with the button, but also touches the gap between the button and the panel. If the quality of the switch is poor, the internal conductors of the switch may come into contact with moisture and leak electricity, posing a threat to users. The large ship-shaped switch has a relatively large pressing space, which reduces the risk in this regard.

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